September 19, 2015


Andy MorrisMy name is Andy Morris. I have been lucky enough to help businesses succeed in all areas of Internet marketing, from PPC advertising and social media promotion, to turning websites into lead generation machines. Here are some details about my experience and successes:

► Digital Marketing

• Improved advertising ROI by 269% for a division of Hewlett-Packard through visitor retargeting, A/B advertising and landing page testing, and Omniture and Salesforce analytics.

• Boosted form conversions by 246% for residential solar energy leads by changing four elements on their landing page.

• Achieved a 24% lead conversion rate for a big data analysis tool through creative sales copy writing, landing page design, and optimizing the online funnel from social media advertising through Marketo lead segmentation.

• Boosted Oracle email opens and click-through rates with subject-line testing, landing page copywriting and data-driven list segmentation.

• Built successful email nurture campaigns using Eloqua and other marketing automation software.

• Small business adviser to the Google AdWords team in California.

• Developed a cloud computing keyword and SEO strategy for HP.

• Online conversion consultant to iBasis, a VOIP telecom owned by the Dutch national carrier.

• Identified new, profitable customer segments through intense market research and testing dozens of ad and landing page variations. Expanded relationship to retargeting campaigns (Google, AdReady and AdRoll) as well as private media buys.

► Conversion Rate Optimization

• Used Google Website Optimizer, ClickTale, Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer to modify and test landing page effectiveness.

• Managed private tracking server that provides raw keywords, placements, and customer geography of ad clicks for precise decision-making with AdWords and search engines.

• Used statistical analysis best-practices to make decisions on A/B or multivariate test data. Foundation based on college statistics classes.

► Social Media Marketing

• Built large-scale Facebook advertising campaigns directed to both Pages and external web sites. Created Facebook apps for social media feeds and “Like gate” lead generation.

• Founded Oracle Cloud Computing Solutions Google+ Page. Recruited cloud computing influences to make it one of the top Oracle Google+ pages.